The Kitchen Shaman brings the magic of cooking to you.

Johnna Gale has 15 years in the culinary industry in Arizona, Kansas, and New Mexico.  After braising, boiling, broiling, blanching, grilling, searing, sauteing, slicing, dicing chopping, mincing, blending, and stirring, the Kitchen Shaman is bringing these years of experience to you.

It can be a bit frightening to face a stack of ingredients and wonder “What can I make out of that?”

Through tips, tricks, techniques, and recipes, the Kitchen Shaman will show you how to transform those ingredients into yummy, hummy, healthy food — packed with all the stuff that’s good for you.  Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult; it can be enjoyable and stress-free. The Kitchen Shaman offers private classes, coaching, and cooking demonstrations for you, your family, and your friends so that you can learn this first-hand.

What does the Kitchen Shaman mean by “yummy, hummy, and healthy food?

  • Yummy food provides an incredible, pleasurable experience.
  • Hummy food goes a step further, making your entire body and energy vibrate, literally humming in contentment.
  • Healthy food is good for you, providing energy, vitality and health.

The bulk of the information on the site can be found by following the Kitchen Shaman Blog.  There are recipes, cooking tips, and videos, as well as nutritional and historical information about food.  The blog also offers you the opportunity to share your own experiences and opinions in the comments of each post.

And please let us know if there’s something you want to learn how to cook, a recipe you can’t find, or just let us know what we’re doing right so we can keep on doing it.

We all know that flavor is important, however, the Kitchen Shaman believes that the key ingredients to creating magical food are love and fun.  So get out there and Play with Your Food!