I’m currently attempting to digest Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen. It’s rough going, learning how they turn raw product into the final thing. I’ve known for awhile about some of the twists and turns in food production, but the levels and lengths they go to are pretty frightening.
Still, at work I’m consuming meat as I tell myself “Stop it, Stop that!” The good thing is I am allergic to corn, so most of the products made out of corn are not available to me.

The raising, harvesting and production of Corn consumes a great quantity of petroleum. This is not good for the eco-systems or the Earth. So, in some small way by being allergic, I am helping.
It is a small consolation.

On a much more positive note, on Top Chef Masters, they were required to make an all Vegan Dinner for Zooey Deschanel. Some of them did well, and some of them did not. It was so much fun to watch these incredible Chefs try to cook without meat! I was very pleased to see Top Chefs finally bring in a vegan challenge. They should do it every season!