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Falafel: Crunchy Vegan Comfort Food

There are times that the camera comes out and I record the food that I cook, the recipes I’m working on. With the release of my new e-cookbook Things Vegans Fry, I created the video below, “How to Make Falafel.” What makes it special besides the fabulous falafel is that a...

Tofu Scramble Breakfast Stack: This just might be a thing

Some days I’m just lazy. I want to to cook fast and easy. I keep a mix of seasonings and herbs around just for this reason. Other times I’m inventive and coax amazing flavors out of the food I’m cooking. There are those times when I’m really just trying to...

Time to Make the Guacamole

One of the staple condiments around this house is guacamole. Our close proximity to California and Mexico, where the largest crops of avocado trees are grown make having this sauce handy convenient. There is much talk in the healthy eating circles on whether avocados are good for you or...

March Food Observances: 2016

 March is the time of opening up. Spring fragrances fill the air. Flowers bud and bloom, birds start singing, and produce becomes overly plentiful at the farmers markets. I realize this is just in my little corner of the world. Southern Arizona is very warm and very close to...

Stuffed Mushroom Caps, the Vegan way

I really do love mushrooms, sautéed, broiled, and grilled. I like to coat them with fajita spices and serve them with rice and beans, or just grilled with a little olive oil and salt and served as a “steak.” They can be served as appetizers or entrees. Some folks...

February Food Observances 2016

It’s been a long couple months with healing from shoulder surgery. I did not plan to fall down on the job, but it really was painful to even type. I’m finally getting back to doing what I love, and what I hope you love to read about: Food! In...

What’s in a Curry? Pumpkin!

A while ago I had a bowl of pumpkin curry at one of my favorite cafes. I’ve been entranced ever since. I became obsessed with making my own. After making pumpkin pies for the Pie Social, I had left over pumpkin. Sure I could have made cookies or cake,...

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Customer Testimonials

fun & patient teacher

My daughter and I attended one of Johnna’s cooking classes to try and learn more about vegetarian cooking.  The class was excellent, Johnna has a way of making you feel that cooking is fun.  We made 3 dishes, roasted vegetable enchiladas with green chili sauce, Arroz, and Agua Fresca de Fruta. It was all delicious and my daughter and I make the dishes at home for the whole family.  We are not vegan yet but if I could cook like Johnna I probably would be.  She is very patient.

Fionn Downhill

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