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After months of planning, we’re pleased to announce that we are launching a crowdfunding campaign today, October 1st.  We want to turn the things you love about this blog into a web series and we need your help.  We have created a number of videos showing you recipes, cooking...

P is for Pie: Pumpkin Pie

It’s the fall season which means all things pumpkin, from pies to lattes, ravioli to smoothies. Grocery stores are stocked to the rafters with orange covered boxes and cans. This is also the time of year I purchase sugar pie pumpkins, cut them open, gut them, and roast them...

The Great Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a symbol of the fall harvest. They invoke in us the feeling that summer is over and winter approaches. As the leaves on trees turn, pumpkins are harvested and piled up in attractive displays in the grocery stores, ready for us to pick, choose, and buy. The...

October Food Observances 2015

The month of October brings one of the days that all my friends love to celebrate: Halloween. But before we jump ahead to the time of the veil lifting between the living and the dead, let’s look at what foods are celebrated this month. It’s National Vegetarian Awareness Month...

A Chef’s Army: Cooks Make the Food Go Round

Now that I don’t cook in professional kitchens, I can sit back and take an objective view of my chosen career. It’s a brutal job. We ran morning to night. Food is all I thought about. Personalities were a focus. Who I was working with that day affected my...

Chocolate and Red Chili Quinoa

Chocolate and chilies, as we’ve discovered, go together. I’ve played with this dessert aspect in a chili chocolate mousse and there are several chocolate bars on the market that celebrate the marriage of these two foods, but what about the savory realm? There isn’t much documentation that states the...

Chocolate: Food of the Ancient Gods

Chocolate pervades every part of our society, from candy bars to hot cocoa, from truffles to molten lava cakes. Most of us enjoy a good chocolate bar any day of the week and a steaming mug of cocoa can warm the soul on a cold winter’s evening. Chocolate is...

Potato Recipes

National Potato Month is underway and I hope you are all enjoying this glorious, versatile food.  If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you’ll know that potatoes are one of my favorite foods — and a favorite of the Spouse as well. In honor of this month-long celebration,...

Hire Kitchen Shaman

Need customized in-home cooking lessons? Kitchen Shaman offers cooking lessons tailored to the skills, techniques, and culinary requirements of your household.

Would you like to adapt those time-honored family recipes to meet your current dietary needs? Kitchen Shaman can help you translate old-fashioned recipes to meet special diets like gluten-free, dairy-free, and corn-free.

Looking for unique edu-tainment for your next party or gathering? Kitchen Shaman can provide a fun and informative cooking demo with bite-sized samples for your guests.

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truly entertaining

Kitchen Shaman is a highly skilled and creative chef who infuses her unique style into tasty dishes. She is a master of ingredient combinations and an exceptional teacher. Kitchen Shaman’s live demonstration at one of our events was a a truly entertaining and delicious experience!

Heather Francois
Founder- VegCo LLC

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