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Things Vegans Fry:

Crunchy Comfort Food for Vegans

Contrary to popular mythos, there are vegans that like fried food. It’s not all about healthy, healthy, healthy. Sometimes we just want the crunch and comfort of indulging in foods we know are NOT healthy.

Chef Johnna has spent years perfecting an assortment of deep fried recipes and is now sharing them with you. This recipe zine features over a dozen recipes for anyone who loves fried food. Want to know how to make your own potato chips, fries, and tater tots? How about falafel and pakoras? Ever tried frying tofu? What about mushrooms?

Chef Johnna has included several recipes for dipping sauces and toppings to pair with individual dishes. Most of the recipes use besan flour (made from chickpeas) and all are gluten-free. They still pack all the crunch and flavor you expect from homemade fried foods.

Be careful sharing them as your diners may fall in love with you and never leave.