pot rackI know I’ve been gone awhile. It was a devastating couple of months with moving, settling into the new place, getting used to a new kitchen that is smaller, more cramped, and really not that great of a light source. But like a good Kitchen Shaman, I am adjusting to the new space.

Then the Universe called several family members, and we suffered some loss. It took some time to recover from grieving, traveling, and then having the partner gone for over a week. I know, I know, this is a food blog, but it is also about the process of writing a food blog, and what interferes with that process and why. If I was a really good food blogger, I would have had multiple posts ready to go on a second’s notice, that would have covered this long absence. I am not that adept yet. Sometimes it’ s a challenge just to get a good photo of the food I make (not having a digital camera handy, one can understand why), or getting a recipe put together and uploaded. And during the last month or so, just getting to work on time was a challenge. And now, I come back to the blog, to you my faithful readers, with this story.

In today’s world of uber-organization, and experts telling us to get our stuff together, I am unnerved that some of the super-supermarkets do not carry a simple pot rack. Sure, I can find one on-line. I just want the kind that has the bar that bends out from the wall with some hooks on it.  I think it would be cool to be able to hang my pots up. Then I could use the shelf that I store the pots on for food storage, since the kitchen I now have has almost no storage space.

I went to several markets yesterday, not just super-supermarket, but departmenty type stores too.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zilch. They’ve got everything to organize inside your cupboards, and food storage, and plates, and ways to organize your plates, and nice shiny new pots and pans, and tools to cook with, but not one pot rack to hang up those nice shiny pots. I’m a little upset over this. Really, I want the pot rack and I want it now, and shouldn’t I be able to go to my uber-supermarket and get said pot rack? You would think.

So now I am back to looking on-line again for the pot rack, and hoping the partner will let me order it, and wait for it in the mail. I am deprived of the instant gratification of buying the pot rack, and installing it on my wall. I’m a chef. I live for instant gratification. And, I am deprived.