We are heading into October, which means colder weather and Halloween. Surprisingly, food observances for the month do not reflect the spooky aspects of October, with the exception of a National Candy Corn Day. Luckily you can celebrate things like Caramel Day and Dessert Day with a spooky theme, if you want. Of more important note to many of my readers (and the Spouse!) October is National Vegetarian Month and October 1st is National Vegetarian Day. And don’t forget we are still celebrating the Apple.
Melody holding an apple

It’s interesting that many of the food observance days throughout the year are centered around foods for omnivores. Research reveals that there are no days to celebrate tofu, seitan or tempeh, though you can certainly enjoy them for World Vegetarian Day/Month & World Vegan Day (Nov 1st). Is there a way to make that happen? There is a National Eat your Vegetables Day and a National Homemade Soup Day, but not one for my favorite: vegetable soup. I have noticed that they have added a National Kale Day just recently, so we need to figure out how to lobby for more herbivore days.

So what can we expect in October? Check the list below. It is compiled from several different resources found around the internet that provide more comprehensive lists of observances. These are the observances easily celebrated by vegans/vegetarians.

  • Fair Trade Month
  • National Apple Month
  • National Tomato Month
  • National Cookie Month
  • National Dessert Month
  • National Pickled Peppers Month
  • National Popcorn Poppin’ Month
  •  1st week – National Chili Week
  • 2nd week – National Food Bank Week
  • 3rd week – Pickled Peppers Week
  • 4th week – Chicken Soup for the Soul Week (I would lobby this to also be Vegetable Soup for the Soul week)
  •  1st Wednesday – National Vegetarian Day (October 1st)
  • Oct 4th – National Taco Day
  • Oct 14th – National Dessert Day
  • Oct 16th – World Food Day
  • Oct 21st – National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
  • Oct 22nd – National Nut Day
  • Oct 29th – National Oatmeal Day