Salad SpinnerThe other day, I went into full on cooking for the week mode — making several dishes and some sauces all at the same time. Earlier this year, I had picked up a salad spinner at a local thrift store for like $2.50. The parsley and cilantro I had bought were a bit on the dirty side, so they got a nice bath in cold water, and then, I thought, wow, it’s going to take a bit to dry these, and I needed them quick. I was ready to process the Falafel mixture in the food processor. Then, I spied the salad spinner. Guess what got spun? First the Cilantro, and then the parsley.  If I were using them together, I would have spun them together, but I needed cilantro for chutney.

In just a few short spins they were ready to be processed. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? In all the years I’ve been cooking I hadn’t owned a salad spinner until earlier this year. But it works just as well on herbs as it does on other leafy greens. I’m glad I thought of it, and you will be too, when you give it a go.