The second in a series of  Restaurant Reviews On My Trip to Orange County, and Los Angeles, CA.  The first in the series was Is Gluten-Free Dairy Free Worth It.

Free Soul CaffeI briefly resided in Tustin, CA at the tender age of 18. I worked at a donut shop and a drugstore respectively. I remember the food being passable, something about all the farms in and around Orange County. But I never looked for vegan food because, though I had been exposed to the idea of Veganism, I could never, ever, ever give up meat.

Now Tustin is all grown up. The donut shop I worked at is still standing. There’s an Historic District, a few square blocks of “Old” Tustin.” That’s where you’ll find Freesoulcaffe, an all vegan Cafe. All Vegan. From the pastries to the latte’s, to the soups and dressings, no animals are harmed in carrying out the menu. This is their mission statement: “Freesoulcaffe was established to provide wholesome, sustainable, fine coffees, teas and foods for an alternative, compassionate way of life.”

Freesoulcaffe has a beautiful picture window that faces out to the street, a patio nestled in the back, which we were unable to take advantage of due to the weather, (reminder to self, next trip to CA, make sure it’s warm and sunny) and a simple elegant decor inside, with a very roomy Barrista serving counter. They do serve lots of tea and coffee so the roominess makes sense. I couldn’t get a glimpse of the kitchen, nor could I even locate it. My Chef’s sense having been dulled by the forces of nature.

It was rainy and very cold when we ventured out to dine at this small, cozy and intimate cafe. But venture we did and were well-rewarded with fresh, well seasoned, and pretty food. The Partner ordered the Smoked Tomato Tortilla Soup, which came with the traditional garnish of avocado, fresh tomato. and cilantro. The smokiness of the tomatoes made the trip in the rain worth it. I had the Vegan Chicken Salad. I failed to write down the details and description, and so cannot give an accurate account. I do know that it was very good, and satisfied my salad craving of the day. I’m a fan of Vinaigrettes, and love to create them myself, and when I come across a nice house-made dressing, I fall into a little bit of chef heaven.

If you are ever in the vicinity, check this cafe out, but do it during the day, or when it’s not raining, so you can sit on the patio and enjoy the view. And if you don’t believe me here’s another opinon from Quarry Girl.