Mesquite chips Last summer I wrote about smoking tofu. I’ve learned a few thing since. I actually read on the package of mesquite chips what I am supposed to do.

Fire up the grill following the instructions in Smoked Tofu. Then follow these directions: Soak the chips overnight. Make a foil packet and put the chips in it. Poke holes in the package. Put the foil pack on the coals. The pack will start smoking. When doing this, move the charcoal briquettes to one side of the grill. Put the block of tofu, that has been pressed right onto the grill. Cover and let smoke. Flip the tofu after about half an hour. Smoke until the there is no more smoke on the grill.

I’ve used this method several times now to roaring success. Try adding smoked salt to the smoked tofu. It is wildly delicious.