Black Bean and Tempeh Chili

October is National Chili Month (the dish not the pepper) and in celebration, I thought I would bring this tried and true recipe to your attention. Having grown up in the Southwestern United States, making a good chili carries with it a sense of pride.

From "A Texas Scrapbook: San Antonio's Military PlazaA few fun facts about chili: •It is the state food of Texas. •There is dispute about its creation. Cowpokes get the credit, but long before the cattle trail the Chili Queens of the military plazas in San Antonio and other towns were selling this hearty concoction to road weary travelers. •The Incas and Aztec also had versions of a combination of beans and chili. •While the chili trail is well documented and guilty of very tall Texas tales, chili con carne simply means "peppers with meat" in Spanish.

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