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Between Slices: National Sandwich Month

As a chef I’ve made my share of sandwiches. My first “cooking” job was in a deli and I excelled at cutting open buns and wrapping sandwiches. I’ve made more BLT’s than you’ve eaten and I’ve grilled untold numbers of Rueben’s, grilled cheeses, and turkey sandwiches. As I became vegan, I started bemoaning the loss of tasty sandwich treats until I stumbled upon a grand concept: make the best vegan sandwiches possible and eat them! Then share them here with you.

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Food Holidays in August 2015

August brings us some incredible food celebrations. First of all it is National Sandwich Month, Peach Month, and Eat Dessert First Month! All of these foods are cause for celebration. We are a nation that runs on sandwiches, from the humble PB & J to the more elaborate stuffed burgers. Delis, sandwich shops, and food trucks should bust out the goods and create the best sandwiches this month.

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August Food Observances

Looking towards August, there are several food observance days approaching that you may want to, well, observe. July is nearly over and it was National Ice Cream Month, but did you know that there is a National Root Beer Float Day? That’s right, August 6th. And if you don’t eat conventional ice cream don’t worry. I’m sure if you go to the grocery store, they’ll have a soy or coconut based ice cream to plop into your root beer. As a kid I could never get enough of these cool summertime treats.

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