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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup for Winter

As the leaves fall and swirl to the ground, the produce shelves fill up with different varieties of winter squash. Acorn, butternut, Kabucha, Pumpkin, and Delectica all call to my inner chef to create and explore the richness of this winter bounty.

I picked up a butternut squash, hoping for a bit of inspiration. Soup was calling to me.

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Comfort Soup with a Bit of Bite

Tomato soup is one of America's comfort foods. Served with grilled cheese sandwiches, it was my favorite lunch. I hadn't tried to make any in a very long time because, cooking vegan, I always thought "but how do I make it creamy?"

One of the advantages of the day job is that I learn so much from the Chef. He taught me a simple way to make tomato soup without adding all the dairy.

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