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World Vegan Month 2016

Did you know that it’s World Vegan Month? World Vegan Day was celebrated on November 1st. I was busy making a vegetable barley soup and cooking portabella mushroom steaks. World Vegan Month was started to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society.

In the last several years there has been an explosion of popularity of veganism. Medical reports continue to prove that eating a plant based diet can actually save your life. Veganism is starting to fight back against the dairy and meat industries.

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November Food Observances 2015

It’s almost November and time to look at all the food holidays that vegans can celebrate. Up first, it’s World Vegan Month! This is the time to learn all you can about eating vegan, why factory farming is inhumane, and what we can do to build urban gardens and make city food deserts places where food plants flourish and feed families.

The sole weekly observance this month celebrates figs. This makes me very happy, because I do love figs.

The daily food observances include everything from pecans to peppers to pomegranate. And the daily celebrations have fun foods like nachos, sundaes, and pizza with everything (do you put kale on pizza?).

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November Food Observances

November is upon us, with the deep onset of winter. This is the time my thoughts of cooking turn to stews and hearty potato dishes. Available produce includes hard winter squash, potatoes, onions, leeks, parsnips, and carrots. All these foods can be turned into bone-warming, spirit-lifting dishes for family and friends....

Oddly enough food observances for the month do not really reflect the available foodstuffs. But then, produce growers aren’t the ones who create these holidays.

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