hollowed out squash for stuffing

Here’s tonight’s dinner. Stuffed Zucchini with quinoa and roasted asparagus with a yellow pepper sauce.

The stuffed zucchini has sauted peppers, zucchini middles, and bits of tofu. I used pulverized almonds for the “glue.” This provides a gluten-free alternative to using bread crumbs.

The quinoa has sauteed peppers, onions and garlic, with turmeric, cardamon and mace added for flavor. The roasted red pepper sauce is yellow and green peppers and onions broiled then peeled. I pureed them in a blender, adding a bit of chili oil I had on hand, lemon juice and salt. I used olive oil to blend it together (not much though). If I had some veg stock on hand, I would have added that instead.

I’m waiting for the Partner to come home from work to serve it up!