roundzuchiniThe buzz words are local, fresh, and seasonal. Food that is grown in your own backyard. I have a fantasy that someday I can grow the food I cook. But alas, there are reasons for divisional labor in our society. It takes as much time to take care of the crops as it does to cook.

Enter the Farmer’s Market, a Vegan Chef’s paradise. There is seasonally fresh, locally grown produce, (and other products) ripe for the picking. I visit about once a month. I’ve changed where I go due to proximity, variety, and quality of produce. There’s still about five farmer’s markets I haven’t visited in the Valley of the Sun, but I’m working on it.

The last trip yielded very fresh, lovely cucumbers, round squash, and tasty herbs. I love going and talking to the farmers, and the makers of the food. For a Chef, it is a hands on, tactile experience I appreciate. Our society is so very removed from the actual production of our food. The markets give a wonderful opportunity to get in there and talk to the folks who make the food we eat. As a Chef Instructor, it’s great to stand in front of the class and let them know that the food they are eating came from locally sourced farms.

It’s not always possible, but when you can support your local farmer’s markets, and local grocers. It’s better for the local economy, and for you.