BBQ Seitan BurgerWas it ambitious of me to take on writing five days a week through the month of October? I have so much to write about yet I sit here, looking for a topic, trying to find a subject on food, and the best I can come up with is that I am not as inspired as I want to be about food. Maybe it’s because I am tired, and maybe it’s because I’m not cooking as much. Still, I love to write, and am excited at the prospect of keeping this up through the rest of the month.

If any of you have ideas for topics, or something you would like to learn about food, please let me know. I’ll research the subject and write about it. Hopefully tomorrow I can sit down and block out some topics for the next two weeks. That’s only 12 more posts. I’m sure a seasoned and informed chef like myself can come up with 12 topics that you, the reader, would want to read.

Food is my passion and my love. It should be easy to write about what I love. They say if you want to be a successful writer, write about what you love, and I love food. This article may not be about food with a recipe or with information or history, but it is about the process of writing about food. I stated last year that I would write about the process of becoming a food writer.  The struggle is part of the process.