Sliced Sweet potato chipsIt’s no lie. I’m a fan of late night snacks. I don’t always have store-bought versions of what I crave on my shelf; but, sometimes I do have the raw ingredients. In fact, a few days ago I was able to purchase what we call a Japanese mandolin (it is really called a Benriner). What is cool about these machines is that they make quick work of thin slicing root vegetables for chips.

I am still pretty addicted to fried foods, one of my food weaknesses. And last night when I was making the Sweet Potato Fennel Salad, I just had to slice up another sweet potato to cure the craving for the sweet crunchiness provided by Sweet Potato Chips.

All you need is a mandolin, 2 or 3 sweet potatoes, a wok or other deep pan to fry (unless you own a fry daddy!), and several cups of oil, like canola, or a blend. I found a pretty cheap blend at a local store called 1-2-3. It’s a pretty good oil. I’d love to use corn oil, but can’t due to allergies.

With the mandolin it just takes a minute or two to slice the potatoes. You then soak them in water and pat them dry. While doing this, have your oil heating up on the stove top0 Heat the oil to approximately 300-325 degrees, this will help avoid burning. Drop the sliced chips into the oil and fry until they turn crisp. There’s a fine line between crisp and burnt. If the chips start turning brown, pull them out fast. Drain onto a cookie sheet, or something similar lined with paper towel. Let them cool down.

Lightly salt, and enjoy with a good t.v. show or movie. Better than the store-bought versions because there’s no additives or chemicals.Sweet Potato Chips