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Energy For The Day: Date & Nut Energy Balls

I’ve been eating “energy” bars since the day I started bicycling long distance, i.e., a LONG time ago. I remember when Power Bar was still a small mom and pop company operating used equipment to crank out their protein packed goodies for athletes like me. Then they sold out and I found out I was allergic to peanuts. Over the years, I have found very few that are affordable and that I can eat.

So I set out to create a version of date balls that would be full of all the goodness I craved: the protein my body needs, the energy to get through the day, and a nutty and sweet flavor that I would enjoy.

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Eating some form of apples in a sauce dates back at least as early as the 4th Century C.E. when Apicus’ book on Roman Cookery was published. The tartness of apples back then hadn’t been bred out and the sharp flavors offset the taste of the fat in the food that was served at the time. Today we carry on the tradition, though apples are sweeter and somewhat mellower.

I love a good applesauce and will eat it just by itself. I used to buy jars and jars of applesauce at the store. Now you won’t catch me buying the stuff. If I want sauce made from apples, I buy apples.

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