And The Thank You’s Go To…

D'Marie DelciI’d like to take a few paragraphs to thank all the people who have helped shape the Kitchen Shaman.

First, my partner D’Marie, who encouraged me to write about food when she realized the amount of information stuck up in my brain that could be shared with the world. She has also been the gracious recipe tester, and benefactor of the Kitchen Shaman’s food over the last 8.5 years. She has suffered my failures, and gloried in my culinary triumphs. And has been there every night and day when I come home from a long shift, tired and just wanting take-out, but babbling about everything I learned about food that day. She is also the fabulous editor of Kitchen Shaman, taking my words and shaping them into something that you can understand when you read it. I am deeply grateful for her talents. read more

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