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Food: A Culinary History from Antiquity to the PresentI know, I’ve been irresponsible to you, my readers. I haven’t been terribly inspired lately about creating new recipes. I’ve been consuming a book that’s 550 pages of dense reading: Food: A Culinary History from Antiquity to the Present. It covers the history of food from late pre-historic to modern times. I really need to finish this book. I’ve also been reading a few other vegan cookbooks published this last year, both for ideas, and reviews. I’ll be writing about those soon. read more

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Basic Cooking Skills: Organization

Today, people want recipes that help them cook fast and get it out of the way. Editors are looking for cookbooks that make the consumer's cooking life easier. Go to a book store and look at the titles of some of the cookbooks, "fast," "easy," "simple," are words that are in the title. Gone is the art of the long, slow cooking process, learning how to do it right. People just don't have the time.

I contend that we do.

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Books by Chef Johnna

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  • Things Vegans Fry: Crunchy Comfort Food for Vegans

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