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Food Observances in September 2015

September is rich in food celebrations, my favorite being Mushroom Month. I’ve been promising myself that I would post a bunch of mushroom recipes during this month, but who doesn’t love a good breakfast? With both National Waffle Week and National Pancake Day in September, we get an opportunity to dig into the breakfast theme.

Then there’s the fact that I have a love affair with potatoes and it’s their month too. I make potato chips all the time and French fries when I’m feeling frisky. As a professional cook, I’ve made my share of mashed potatoes. Did you know there are over 150 varieties of potatoes in the world, and that they hail from Peru?

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September Food Observances

Brush up on those mushroom recipes because September celebrates this awesome edible fungi. There are many varieties to choose from, but remember, some mushrooms are poisonous. If you go out to harvest, take a field guide or someone who knows their fungi.

Please share your favorite recipes and photos of mushrooms with us on Facebook or Instagram. And I'll be posting up some of my special mushroom creations to share as well.

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