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Vegan Food found in Orange County

Nestled in a monstrous outdoor shopping mall called The District, snuggled in next to a multiplex cinema and a clothing store is a little place called Native Foods Cafe. This seems to be the most unlikely of places for a vegan restaurant, let alone one that focuses on Southwestern food., but it is a great restaurant in Tustin, California.

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Satisfying Southwest Soul in O.C.

The second in a series of  Restaurant Reviews On My Trip to Orange County, and Los Angeles, CA.  The first in the series was Is Gluten-Free Dairy Free Worth It.

Free Soul CaffeI briefly resided in Tustin, CA at the tender age of 18. I worked at a donut shop and a drugstore respectively. I remember the food being passable, something about all the farms in and around Orange County. But I never looked for vegan food because, though I had been exposed to the idea of Veganism, I could never, ever, ever give up meat. read more

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