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Vegan Eats in Houston-Topeka-Santa Fe

This is the second installment of the great Summer Trek (Part 1 is here). I realize it’s almost the end of November but summer vacation was really worth the trip, and there were surprises with the dining out experience.

I’ve never been to Houston, home of NASA, the Gulf Coast, and lots of Big Texas friendliness. I wasn’t, however, sure about the dining situation. Our friend lives in a suburb, pretty far away from the cultural centers where we would be able to get a quick vegan eats fix. Once we arrived, we cast about for options. read more

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Vegan Eats: Austin

August hailed our yearly trek half way across the country. This year the Spouse and I opted for a different route than usual. This meant finding new vegan eating opportunities. I had recently learned about The Northloop House and Yard in Austin, Texas and had to try the vegan BBQ.  Vegan BBQ in Texas, who couldn’t pass that up? I also have a dear friend who lives in Austin, so we chose to drive the 16 plus hours from Phoenix to Austin on Interstate I-10. Quite a ride, but worth the food. You can’t go wrong in a town that boasts a high number of James Beard Award nominees and just plain good food. Fortunately, the place we stayed at was literally walking distance from my friend’s bar. Serendipity definitely worked for me on this trip. read more

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Road Trip Food

Road trip food for a vegan can be challenging. Fortunately I have the skill set to pull off a pretty sweet cooler for traveling. Things that get packed before we slide out of town include, but are not limited to watermelon, jicama, oranges, hummus, carrot and celery sticks, tomatoes, olives, breads and tortillas, nuts and seeds, chips both potato and corn. This is just to get us started.

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5 Tips for Vegan Road Trips

Most people are lucky. When they go on road trips they can stop for snacks at any one of the many convenience stores and truck stops dotting the highways of America. Most people can live on jerky, Subway sandwiches, and fried chicken. And a candy bar or two.

Not me. Not vegans. When traveling we have to make sure that there are coolers stuffed with all sorts of vegan snacks. This means that three days prior to traveling, I’m going over my road food list.

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