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How To Make Roasted Salsa

One of the staples I have cooked over the years, both professionally and at home, is roasted salsa. This is an easy and fun condiment to make for all sorts of parties, picnics, and dinners. Since I'm from the Southwest, salsa is one of the first things I learned to make well in kitchens. It really is hard to screw up. I've made gallons of salsa, and small batches. The video below shows you how to make enough salsa to last a week, using grilling techniques, and tips on how to process chilis for the salsa.

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Is it hot enough? Salsa!

Salsa and ChipsHere is the long awaited Roasted Salsa Recipe. Any time I make this people seriously fall in love with me.

Depending on where you get the jalapenos, and how hot you like your salsa, you can adjust the amount to your liking. I’ve found that using the same amount of jalapenos sometimes results in very hot salsa and other times it results in medium or even mild salsa. You can sometimes tell the heat of a chili by smelling it, but it is not a 100% proof method. Experimenting is recommended.
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