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The Month of Salsa: Salsas Frescas

May is the month of salsas, and Cinco de Mayo. In order to celebrate, I’ve put together several recipes that you can serve at various fiestas, parties, or soirees. With summer fast approaching, several of these will work pool-side, especially the watermelon salsa fresca.

What is the difference between salsa and salsa fresca? Salsa means “spicy tomato sauce.” It involves tomatoes and chilies that have been cooked and then blended together. Salsa frescas are more of a fruit salad combination.

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Say Yes to Spicy Strawberries: Strawberry Salsa Fresca

As we continue to celebrate the National Strawberry Month – and since it’s also National Salsa Month! – below is my latest creation: a recipe for Strawberry Salsa Fresca.

Serve this refreshing salsa with cinnamon-dusted sopapillas or eat it on a salad instead of dressing. It adds that bite of tart with a bit of sweet, and with the heat of the jalapeno can really wake your salad up.

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