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Tofu Chili Tacos

These tacos make a great summer dinner!

Sometimes I need something quick and easy for dinner. Tofu tacos come under that category. I only have to cook one thing, tofu in chili sauce, and then chop up the rest of the ingredients, put them in bowls, set it on the table, and enjoy. Serve with Spanish Rice and Beans, and you've got a great low fat, healthy version of Taco Dinner Night!

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New Mexico Red Chili Sauce

Blending red chilies after cooking for an hour. Add salt and lime, and serve with enchiliadas, tamales, and tofu.There is a mystique applied to sauces in general, and when it comes to chilis, even more so. Chili Sauce is as individual as the cook who makes it. I enjoy consistency in cooking, and have made this recipe a few hundred times with the same response: “yummy”.

You can find the red chili pods in grocery stores or a Latin/Mexican market. Make sure they are bright red. If you buy them from the bulk bin, make sure to rinse them off before cooking. They tend to get dusty.

I prefer New Mexico Red Chili pods, but if you can’t find them, any dried red chilis will do. Medium or hot is the best choice to make this versatile and vibrant sauce. read more

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