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Eggplant Heaven, Baingan Bharta

If you are a fan of eggplant, like I am, this traditional Indian dish will satisfy the cravings on any given day. Easy to make, it is a winner at the table every time. Make sure to check your pantry for the essential spices, turmeric, cumin, asefoetida (hing), and coriander.

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The Mystery of tomatoes

I went shopping this morning with a plan to spend some time in my kitchen. I was thinking a fresh tomato sauce would be nice. They had some nice vine ripes at the market. There were some left over grilled veggies in the fridge that would add a nice smoky flavor to the sauce.

As I was boiling, peeling, and seeding the tomatoes, I thought to myself, “why do we go through all this trouble? I looked up one of the other culinary sites I have saved, and found this:

How and why we peel and seed tomatoes. read more

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