Rock Star Chef for a Day

The Food Demo from last weekend was so much fun. I learned more than I thought I would, and had some challenges at the site. But I overcame the obstacles pretty quickly to be able to both entertain and inform the audience.

I demonstrated how to make Portabello Steak Fajitas and Citrus Coleslaw. I ran out of mushroom fajitas before I did people, but I still had coleslaw and chili sauce left.

The challenges involved staging issues for my food. If I had read the email closely that said bring tables and chairs, I would have done that…but instead, I assumed there would be some room. Because of the promotional material people seemed to think that “free food” meant a free lunch, and the lines were long as Loving Hut passed out samples. They were however excited at the teeny tiny vegan tortillas that I had. read more

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