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Festival Fun at VeggieFest Chicago

Recently I traveled almost 4,000 miles to participate in VeggieFest 2016 in Chicago, which is one of the largest and oldest vegetarian festivals here in the states. My spouse and I drove across the country so I could split open a watermelon and talk about chilies and tofu.

The festival itself was wonderful with so many like-minded people gathered together and the demos went off well. I did Watermelon Three Ways and Red Chili Tofu Taco Salad. You can watch the full watermelon demo in the video below.

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Chef Demo: Portabello Fajitas with the Kitchen Shaman

I love doing chef demos. It gives me a chance to cook a few recipes, share lots of food facts & cooking tips, and show off my chopping skills. (How fast can YOU chop cabbage?) A few years ago I was invited to participate in "Party in the Parking Lot," an event to help raise interest for VegCo, an all vegan grocery store in Phoenix, Arizona. As with any live event I had fun, but also had challenges -- like almost catching myself on fire.

I made Portabello Fajitas with Ancho Chili Sauce, and Summer Citrus Coleslaw.

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Chef Demo: Breakfast in the Afternoon

This is my chef demo at the First Annual Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival.

I showed the audience how to make breakfast the vegan way: tofu scramble and breakfast potatoes. It was all very delicious and lots of fun. I really enjoyed meeting the organizers of the event Sarah Gross and Nira Paliwoda.

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Chef Demo: Kitchen Shaman Live

Arizona Vegetarian Food FestivalNext weekend you can find me cooking “Breakfast in the Afternoon” at the first annual Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival. Cooking in front of crowds is a favorite thing of mine. Although I don’t favor open kitchens (where cooks have to produce constantly while patrons look on), I do like to put on a good cooking demo.

When I found out that Arizona was to have our first Vegetarian Festival ever, I knew I must participate. The information came across my virtual desktop while we were traveling across the United States from Arizona to Kansas. Fortunately the Festival will be held in Scottsdale, a town adjacent to Phoenix, and very close to the last restaurant I worked at. After a few emails were exchanged I had secured a slot with the producers of this event. I’d like to thank Chef Jason Wyrick for sharing the link that led to this fantastic event. read more

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Rock Star Chef for a Day

The Food Demo from last weekend was so much fun. I learned more than I thought I would, and had some challenges at the site. But I overcame the obstacles pretty quickly to be able to both entertain and inform the audience.

I demonstrated how to make Portabello Steak Fajitas and Citrus Coleslaw. I ran out of mushroom fajitas before I did people, but I still had coleslaw and chili sauce left.

The challenges involved staging issues for my food. If I had read the email closely that said bring tables and chairs, I would have done that…but instead, I assumed there would be some room. Because of the promotional material people seemed to think that “free food” meant a free lunch, and the lines were long as Loving Hut passed out samples. They were however excited at the teeny tiny vegan tortillas that I had. read more

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