Things Vegans Fry: Crunchy Comfort Food for VegansWriting a cookbook truly is a labor of love. One has to think about a theme, work on recipes, write out descriptions, take pictures, have the recipes tested, and then put everything together.

There is editing involved. And formatting. And then all the social media. And this blog post. And more social media. And getting you to tell all your friends about this fabulous cookbook that they want. Amazing, right?

It took a better part of a year to create Things Vegans Fry. Some of it was circumstantial: needing surgery, dealing with pain levels, and not being able to cook as much. Then there was pushing each other to edit, rewrite, and otherwise do the backend things that make books possible.

Now (finally!) we have released into the wild the amazing, fabulous, who-wouldn’t-want-these-recipes cookbook only available on Kindle.

Things Vegans Fry includes some of my favorite fried foods. If you think things like falafel or tater tots are hard to make, this book removes that fear with step by step instructions.

Yes, I use oil. I use all sorts of things that the Healthy Folks want you to avoid. When I went to the Vegan Street Fair in NOHO, the longest line I saw, besides the line for tickets, was for Southern Fried Vegan. Proving my theory that vegans love fried food as well as any other kind of food.

The best part about these recipes? They are gluten free. My spouse can’t have wheat so I’ve found other ingredients to make fried food. To do this, I turned to cooking from India and experimented with besan flour. I’m proud to say that the resulting recipes are staples in our household. My recipe tester from 2flirtygirlsandajuicer had a good time recreating – and eating – my concoctions and provided much-needed clarifications for some of the recipes. Sometimes, as a chef, it’s hard to write things down. As a cookbook author and recipe writer, it’s necessary!

If you do purchase my book, please let me know what you think. I love feedback and I love hearing how other people may have adapted my recipes for their own uses.

Thank you so much for your support, and please let your friends know that vegans do love to cook and eat fried food. It can’t all be 100% healthy all the time.