This recipe works for most of the white rice out there. Basmati, Long grain, Jasmine, and that bag on the shelf of the grocery store. Just remember, increasing the amount per cup increases the cooking time.

If you have a rice cooker, please follow those instructions. These recipes are intended for stove top cooking. (makes 2 cups of rice)

Basic White and Brown Rice
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White Rice
  1. 2 cups water, salted and boiling
  2. 1 cup white rice,rinsed thoroughly
Brown Rice
  1. 3 cups water, salted and boiling
  2. 1 cup brown rice that has been soaked.
  1. Add the rice to the boiling water, bring to a simmer, cover with a tight fitting lid (or use aluminum foil), and cook for 30 minutes. When done, the rice will have soaked up all the water, and be fluffy, with the grains separated. Don't stir the pot while the rice is cooking, this will disturb the absorption process.
  2. When done, remove from heat, place in an airtight container, and allow to cool down completely before covering.
  1. Serve with any veggies or alternative proteins that you like.
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