saute panGood cooking is built on basic techniques. And I’ve chosen to include the basics on this blog. You’ll be able to access information without stepping outside of this website.

How to cook potatoes or rice, make seasoning mixes, vinaigrettes, how to cook tofu or roast a squash, how to chop food with the basic cuts, as well as basic recipes and then recipes that include the basics. Along the way there will be  stories about how I became adept at culinary skills (much pain was involved), how I became so passionate about food, and why I love to cook.

I’ll also be looking at food history, so while you are learning the basics, and moving on to more advanced skills, there will be some food education involved as well. I discovered that most people do not know where the potato originated, or that tomatoes came from the American continent, and that the Italians didn’t cook with them until the 1700’s. Which is why food history and knowledge is important.

If there is any information you are looking for, something you want to cook, or if you just want to drop me a line. Please do. The Kitchen Shaman is open to suggestions and ideas.