I’ve returned from a two week road trip. Denver to Topeka, to Santa Fe, with a side trip to Albuqurque. The entire time, my main job was to keep the partner fed with yummy vegan food.

You would think that a challenge. But these days it’s getting a bit easier. Grand Junction, Colorado yielded Pablos Pizza. Pablos offered two sizes of a gluten-free crust with an alternative cheese. Denver gave us several selections, and I was especially excited for the Vegan Van. Amie Arias works very hard to bring her diners a top quality food experience, served up with compassion and laughter. I was able to catch a short interview on the fly.

In Topeka we were able to find a cafe that has vegan offerings, including pastries. They even make their own compost! I thought that was amazing. If you ever find yourself there, check out the Blue Planet Cafe.

Chili Roasting in Santa Fe

And in Santa Fe, there was a fantastic trip to the Santa Fe Farmers Market, during the height of the harvest season. The sights and smells launched me into culinary heaven. And of course, in Santa Fe, it’s chili roasting time. All the chili roasters were running full tilt. The town smelled like one big salsa factory, and it drove me a bit crazy.

Sadly, all good road trips must end. And now it’s back to the teeny tiny kitchen, and back to the regular work day.  The trip was worth every second. I’ll be posting more pictures over the next few weeks, but for now, you can check out my Facebook album On the Road.