Heading into Santa Fe on a road trip.

Its that time of year again when the Spouse and I take the trek from the desert of Arizona to the flat lands of Kansas. I still remember my first impressions of Kansas a dozen years ago. It’s flat. It has big sky. And corn, lots of dried out corn in the fields, waiting. I did not know why the corn was drying out in the fields at the time.

And it was green. Not like the pine green I’m used to when I go up into the mountains, I mean GREEN, and scary kind of green. Driving to Lawrence from Topeka there are trees that meet each other as they stretch their long branches out over the pavement, arching across the road, creating a canopy. For some reason, this really, really scares this desert dweller. I’m used to brown colors in my landscape, sandstone and red rock. Not this verdant green.

I do love these yearly treks. I get to visit some of my favorite places. This year it is Santa Fe and Denver. Last year we went to Houston and Austin for the first time. I fell in love with Austin and would like to return some day, especially for the food. The gals at Sweet Ritual Ice Cream were the best. I wish I could say I look forward to Kansas, that’s where family is at, that is why we go, to visit and care for family.

In the spirit of Road Trips, here’s my throw back posts from over the years. I’ve written about our exploits, and eating vegan while on the road. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much I enjoyed writing about the journey.


Texas Vegan BBQ from BBQ Revolution.Road Trip Food:

Kitchen Shaman addresses what does a vegan eat while traveling on the road? Pack your own food, or take chances at the stops along the way? Not usually a problem in larger markets, but when traveling the back highways it can be a challenge to eat vegan.





 az highwayFive Tips for Vegan Road Trips:

What can a vegan do to prepare for the road? Kitchen Shaman breaks it down in five easy steps, plus, a list of food to prepare and pack for the road. There’s even a cool video on how to pack all the food you are going to take with you.




Annapurna's in Santa Fe is a 100% vegan restaurant serving mostly Indian food. They do have some American and Meditarranean dishes. But go for the idli and sambar, it's delicous!

Eating on a Road Trip:

Eating in Denver, Topeka, and Santa Fe. How to prepare yourself for eating while traveling. What restaurants are suitable for vegans. Will you eat at only 100% vegan restaurants or compromise? Kitchen Shaman recaps several restaurants while traveling through the Mid Western States.





The Vegan Yacht in Austin, TX serves up a mean, big bite of fresh, organic dishes like the Freeto Pie and the Mock Wrap.Vegan Eats: Austin:

Vegan food discoveries, hidden gems in the Music Capitol of America. Nestled in a little section of Austin is the Northloop Yard, where BBQ Revolution dishes out soy curl BBQ, smokey and tangy Texas BBQ with coleslaw and white bread. Then there’s the Vegan Yacht, dishing out panini grilled wraps, and our favorite, Sweet Ritual. Get in on Austin action by reading the dining exploits of the Kitchen Shaman and Spouse.




Topeka Indian Food

Vegan Eats: in Houston-Topeka-Santa Fe:

Read about the Kitchen Shaman’s culinary experience in this final recap of last year’s road trip. Houston held surprisingly good vegan food and in Topeka, the Chef at the Indian restaurant pulled out all the stops to satisfy our hunger. And of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Santa Fe without a visit to our friends at Annapurna’s Cafe and Chai House. A quaint and comfortable South India styled restaurant nestled in the St. Michaels area of Santa Fe, New Mexico.