waveformIt’s been over a year since I shot the last round of videos. I borrowed a high quality camera, and scheduled a production date. I proceeded to do the requisite preparations: I wrote video scripts and shot sheets, and trained the Partner on the language of television production, and how to use the video camera. (We both agreed that the day of shooting is not the time to have a pre-production meeting).

A friend was kind enough to open their home to us as a “set.” (I have a very teeny tiny kitchen right now). They got involved and helped us with lights and placement of microphone. The shooting went well. Between setting everything up, including the food, and tear down, it only took three and a half hours. The total amount of video shot was around 40 minutes. Completed videos will equal 5 minutes. Time-wise we did well.

I was pleased with most of my performance. The Partner made cue cards for me in PowerPoint, and the laptop sat right under the camera so I could “talk” to the camera. I had less word-fumbling using those beautiful cue cards.

With the professional lights, the video looked better too. Unlike in “Apple Poblano Chutney,” there is full frontal lighting! I was so excited that the day was relaxing, fun, and a group project.

The disappointment came when we got home and I checked the video footage. There is a major audio buzz running throughout the footage. There are things that you cannot correct in editing: Bad Video and Bad Audio are two of them. I could cobble together a decent little video with all the close ups we shot and add a voice-over, but that would defeat the purpose of the video: me in front of the camera, showing tips, tricks, and making the food.

I went out and bought a cheap ass microphone today to use with the really nice camera that I have on loan. We’ll have to re-shoot the video, which means getting all the food and all the equipment together and dragging it over to the friend’s house, setting everything up, and doing it all over again. I look forward to making the video, it’s all the schlepping that isn’t pleasant. I can’t afford to rent a studio, and really, I enjoy making my own videos. It means all my college experience pays off.

So, hopefully, I’ll get some more footage next week, and have new videos to share with you soon. With any luck, you can look forward to “How to Clean a Cantaloupe”, and “How to Make (Garlicky) Hummus.”