Here’s a list of what I’m reading right now.

  • Eating India, Chitrita Banerji.
  • Will Write for Food, Dianne Jacob..
  • Julie & Julia, Julie Powell.
  • The Professional Chef’s Knife Kit, Culinary Institute of America.
  • Live to Cook, Michael Symon.

This is my second go around with Live to Cook, Iron Chef Michael Symon’s book of recipes. Eating India is an intimate journey of one woman’s love affair of her Homeland food. Will Write for Food is about how to become a food writer, if you are interested in writing abut food. And, The Professional Chef’s Knife kit, well, because you know that I want to know more about the tools I work with on a daily basis.

This seems a large list for a busy chef, but that’s the beauty of libraries, I can renew the books (most of the time) and continue reading through them. I’m finding Eating India a little slow, but I am determined to finish it. Iron Chef Symon, of Food Network fame has an approachable and easy writing style. Will Write for Food is simple and straight forward, Dianne Jacob’s no nonsense approach makes it seem like any one of us can be food writers. I haven’t gotten to the other two yet, but I did see the movie Julie & Julia and loved Meryl Streep’s interpretation of Julia Child. Amy Adams as Julie Powell was adorable and believable as an amateur cook  attempting to muscle through the weighty and brilliant tome Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.

I’ve got a growing list of books to check out, several on spices, and two on serving and front of the house approaches. That will be next year’s reading. I’m working on gathering enough information on spices to present to you, the reader, an intelligent and easy to follow guide. What comes after that? Keep turning the digital page.