next food starLast week I made the deadline for the Food Network Star YouTube Challenge. The video was submitted on time, and I’m really excited. It takes guts, courage and just a little bit of talent, on and off camera, to make a cooking video.

There are only 230 entries, and they will narrow that field down to 15 contestants. Out of the 15, the winner will be chosen by popularity vote. The more votes for the video, the better.

Shooting this video involved cajoling a friend or two to come help me shoot the video. My favorite problem at being adept at both on and off camera is that I cannot do both. I’m working on it. I’ve made several interesting and fum videos to share with the technology I have. But they still aren’t what I want yet. Having someone behind the camera to get the shots is one of my chef’s dreams come true.

Unfortunately, we did not think about lighting, so the video quality is quite low as far as that goes. But, I achieved good audio. I can’t have everything I guess.

After I got the video edited and ready to upload, I reviewed the rules and realized that I had missed a crucial rule, why I should be the next food network star. I had to snag a friend of mine and their smart phone to record this last little bit, and tag it onto the video. Of course, it blew continuity, but at least I met the requirements.

Here is the video, and here’s hoping I make the cut. Enjoy.