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All you need is a Spice Zine!

Spices ZinesThe long hiatus is over:

A chunk of time has passed since I posted anything here, but my life got busy in other ways than cooking. Recipe testing slowed down. I’ve been cooking just the staples to get both the Spouse and I through our day.

Last January I suffered a fractured toe. I couldn’t drive, or walk, or even stand for very long. But with all that time on my hands, I thought, “Why not create some new zines? No! Let’s create micro zines.” The first question I asked myself was “How do I take all this research I’ve done about food and put it into zine format?” The answer came, and I made several micro zines about individual spices. read more

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V is for Veganuary

Every year New Year's resolutions are broken, most often within the first six months. While there are support systems for no more drinking or smoking (fondly called the 12 Steps), there hasn’t been much support for no more eating meat. This has been proven to be one of the toughest resolutions to meet.

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Kitchen Klutzes Unite!

Are you a klutz in the kitchen? Don’t despair! June 13th is Kitchen Klutzes Day, a day to proudly celebrate ineptitude with knife skills and controlling the cooking fire.

We all have those moments. That instant when you know you’ve done something wrong, something that will injure you or others. The kitchen can be one of the most dangerous, accident-prone environments, ripe with opportunity to strike -- and for a klutz it holds many challenges.

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An Update from the Heartland

There have been big changes in my life over the last several months. The biggest: the Kitchen Shaman has relocated. After our road trip in late July, where I cooked up a storm at VeggieFest Chicago, we decided to pull up stakes in Arizona and move to the Midwest.

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Kitchen Shaman Cooks Party!

By now you've heard about our campaign to produce a cooking show in 2016. If you haven't, check it out here: To celebrate the project, we're having a party in Phoenix -- and you're invited!

Join us Saturday, October 24th (6 - 8 pm) at Urban Beans Cafe in Phoenix for an evening of fun, food, and a preview of what you can expect from our cooking show.

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Support Kitchen Shaman Cooks

After months of planning, we're pleased to announce that we are launching a crowdfunding campaign today, October 1st. We want to turn the things you love about this blog into a web series and we need your help.

We have created a number of videos showing you recipes, cooking tips, and me eating things and you can see them on the Kitchen Shaman YouTube Channel. We want to take this to the next level, renting equipment and hiring a professional crew to bring you a higher quality program. We're asking you to help make that happen.

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Talk To Chef: Culinary 911

There’s a new service available now called TalktoChef. It is a face-to-face video service, connecting you directly to an expert who can help you with a cooking emergency or culinary 911. I am a Featured Chef on this app.

Imagine you are in the middle of cooking a dinner for friends and you realize that you forgot to buy an ingredient. You need to know if there’s a reliable substitution.

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Time to Heal; Time to Write

I rarely take the time to talk about my personal life, but sometimes it does interfere with my ability to run this website and blog. I’ve had lots of things happen over the years: loss of a beloved animal, loss of a parent; loss of a job, job changes, and health issues. Over the last two years I have been healing from shoulder injuries.

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