Delectable Vegan SoupsSometimes as a chef I am challenged to write down recipes. The birth of this blog and website were because my spouse said, “Did you write that down? Go write it down.” I had bits and scraps of paper floating around the house with scribbles of ingredients and amounts. But there was nothing formal. So I took to writing the ingredients and process down in a notebook, then transcribed it to the blog.

There are standards for writing recipes. How you put the ingredients in, how the amounts are abbreviated. I read about these processes after starting this blog because I wanted to be sure I was doing it right. And before I put a book together, I wanted to know that I was doing it the “proper” way.

As the blog grows it gets a little harder to find the recipes. I wanted a way that you could find just soups, or just tofu. And the list goes on.

So I wrote a book, Delectable Vegan Soups: Kitchen Shaman’s Favorite Soup Recipes. All the recipes are as original as they can get (let’s face it, a potato soup is a potato soup). Some of the recipes are only in this book and not on the blog. I shot all the pictures. I put all the recipes together, and I wrote all the stories. That’s the big thing. Creating the book. 100%. All my own. And my lovely spouse gave it her best Editor’s eye. I passed it by my recipe tester, whose input was invaluable in how easy it was to translate the recipes. That led to the creation of the appendix of terms in the back of the book, searchable because it’s a Kindle e-book. 

And now, just in time for the holidays, we have reduced the price of the book. Starting on Saturday (December 20th), and for three days only, you can buy the book for $2.99. The regular price is $4.99, so you save 40%.

Delectable Vegan Soups is in Kindle format only for now. I chose this format because it was the easiest, fastest way to self-publish. In the future I’d like to make my books available in print. That depends on you, and if you would like to hold a physical book of mine in your hands.

I appreciate your patronage. It means so much that people like my writing, my recipes, and the stories I tell. It’s also amazing that they want to eat the pages because of the food porn photography.

I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet. And please stay tuned for future recipe books.