One of the things I love to talk about is food history. It’s no secret I’ve spent many, many hours reading and researching where the food comes from. I’ve read books that anyone outside of food anthropology probably won’t read. Even my chef compadres don’t read the tomes I’ve scanned. I have learned facts — and some pretty cool legends — through this research.

 I got the opportunity in January at the Arizona VegFest to share some food history. I gave this talk on the history of spices, where they come from and why some of them are on our baking racks instead in our savory recipes.

In this talk I briefly outline this history, and then talk about each of the spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and saffron. I hope to refine this talk further and bring it and other topics to more vegetarian/vegan festivals around the country. Drop a line if you are interested.

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