Squash BlossomMarch is the time of opening up. Spring fragrances fill the air. Flowers bud and bloom, birds start singing, and produce becomes overly plentiful at the farmers markets. I realize this is just in my little corner of the world. Southern Arizona is very warm and very close to Mexico. As I write this it is still February and 80 degrees outside. Don’t hate me, there’s a reason I live here. Listening to bird song today made the writing chore more pleasant.

What can we all look forward to in the month of March? Well, there’s all sorts of food holidays going on. First up, it’s the Month of Celery. This ribbed, green vegetable has been in season for a couple of months and March is the height of harvest. Unfortunately it’s not a vegetable that freezes well. So I guess I need to make some soups. In the meantime you can celebrate by making Ants on a Log, or stuffing celery with your favorite vegan cheese and herbs and serving them as appetizers. Dice it up in soups, use it in salads. Have fun!

March is also the month of Flour, Nutrition, and Peanuts. It’s also Sauce Month. My sources don’t say what kind of sauce, but there’s plenty that can be made, like this ancho chili sauce for enchiladas and tacos. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Coming up for daily food observances is Fruit Compote Day, National Pack Your Lunch Day, National Potato Chip Day, and here at Kitchen Shaman, we love potato chips, fried or baked. There’s also Pi Day-Bake a Pie in Solidarity, and we do love pies! Who can’t resist National Something on a Stick Day, not just one thing or another, but Something. I’ve got a few ideas brewing for this day. And at the end of the month citrus is celebrated with National Oranges and Lemons Day.

Whatever food observance is, if you are so inspired share your stories and photos with us. We love to see what our fans are celebrating.

National Celery MonthCelery, good for you in so many ways. It was used as medicine in ancient times, and is finally being accepted as a healthy choice as a snack.

National Flour Month

National Frozen Food Month

National Nutrition Month

National Peanut Month

National Sauce Month


March 1: National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

March 1: National Fruit Compote Day

March 6: National Frozen Food Day

March 7: National Cereal Day

March 10: National Pack Your Lunch Day

March 11: Oatmeal-Nut Waffles Day

March 14: National Potato Chip DayPotato chips

March 14: Pi Day in Math Circles (Pi is (3.141414); Bake A Pie In Solidarity

March 16: National Artichoke Hearts Day

March 18: Oatmeal Cookie Day

March 21: California Strawberry Day

March 21: National French Bread Day

March 22: National Water Day

March 23: National Chip and Dip Day

March 24: National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

March 26: National Spinach Day

March 28: Something on a Stick Day

March 31: Oranges and Lemons Day