I had the opportunity and the time to create a special dinner for a friend’s birthday. And here’s what I created.

The Menu:

  • Quinoa fruit Cakes
  • Tofu and vegetable skewers marinated in a fresh herb vinaigrette
  • Grilled/smoked zucchini and squash
  • Micro green, jicama, and strawberry salad, complemented with a toasted cumin lime vinaigrette

I’ve been working more with Quinoa, and decided to utilize diced fruit. While cooking the quinoa, I added a bit of orange juice as part of the liquid. The second stage is to add a bit of flour/water mixture, put it in individual timbuls and bake it in the oven until the quinoa sets. This allows the fruit to blend with the grain, and I’m able to “turn out” the cakes onto the plate.

All the flavors worked well together. The tofu could have stood a bit more marinading, but I was rushed on time.

The skewers and squash were grilled/smoked with Mesquite wood. It gave the marinade a deep, rich tone, which complemented the lightness of the salad.

I was able to cook the meal, and keep it warm in the oven, then transport it to the dining site while still warm. And serve it before it cooled to room temperature.