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Black Bean and Tempeh Chili

October is National Chili Month (the dish not the pepper) and in celebration, I thought I would bring this tried and true recipe to your attention. Having grown up in the Southwestern United States, making a good chili carries with it a sense of pride.

From "A Texas Scrapbook: San Antonio's Military PlazaA few fun facts about chili: •It is the state food of Texas. •There is dispute about its creation. Cowpokes get the credit, but long before the cattle trail the Chili Queens of the military plazas in San Antonio and other towns were selling this hearty concoction to road weary travelers. •The Incas and Aztec also had versions of a combination of beans and chili. •While the chili trail is well documented and guilty of very tall Texas tales, chili con carne simply means "peppers with meat" in Spanish.

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Smoked Tofu and Veggies with “Magic” sauce

The other night I came home from work and was really tired. Still, I had to get dinner on the table. I had one can of coconut milk left on the shelf. In the refrigerator there were some left-over diced veggies, smoked tofu, and rice. I have a well stocked pantry, so I gathered up some spices, and went to work. And I came up with Smokey Tofu and Veggies, with Magic Coconut Sauce.

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Very Vegan Black Bean and Tempeh Chili

I've been making Chili in various forms for as long as I've been cooking, and that really is quite a long time. Switching to veganism, I had to adjust the recipe for use with products like tofu and tempeh. They don't have the fat I'm used to, so I use a little more oil to sweat the vegetables, and lime juice to deglaze the pan. This recipe is the result of the happy mix between chilis, tempeh, and black beans.

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Cooking Dried Beans

Pinto, black, and fava beans.There is a large variety of legumes (beans) in the world, over 4,000 have been categorized. To further complicate matters, there are fresh beans, classified as vegetables, and then there are pulses (legumes). I’ll leave it to wikepedia, and other sources to sort this all out for you, while we continue on to how to process legumes, the dried bean.

In my kitchen, I’ve learned to appreciate more then just the pinto bean, which is one of the most highly consumed beans in the southwest. There are black or turtle beans, fava or broad beans, chickpeas and garbanzos. I’m working on incorporating anasazi beans, and white beans. These form the basis of our protein diet, since my partner is gluten-free and cannot consume wheat for protein. read more

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