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Arroz, Spanish Rice that isn’t so Spanish

I grew up calling Arroz "Spanish Rice." This followed me into adulthood, and up into my 30's. I found out not too long ago, that what I learned to call Spanish Rice isn't so Spanish. It really doesn't have anything to do with Spain, or how they cook rice in that country (think Paella). Arroz really is Mexican Rice, cooked in a tomato base with peppers, onions, and garlic. I've been making this rice for as long as I remember, back to when I would stay with my grandparents on the farm. I've since perfected it, and made Arroz palatable for the Vegan.

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Move over Pinto, here comes the Black Bean

Black and Pinto BeansIn traditional Southwestern cooking, the pinto bean is king. Pintos are in everything. Traditionally, they are the bean that makes up Refried Beans. But pinto beans are starchy, they have a high fat content. And when you add something like lard (traditional way to refry the bean), the calories go off the scale.

In developing Sonoran cooking for those who want no meat but all the flavor, I’ve come up with this little goodie. Smashed black beans. Cooked in a high heat oil like Sunflower, and you can add that flavor, without adding the fat. Beans are also traditionally cooked in some kind of meat stock. I cook mine either in just plain water, or in vegetable stock. Either way, because of the red chili sauce, there’s flavor in these beans. read more

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Very Vegan Black Bean and Tempeh Chili

I've been making Chili in various forms for as long as I've been cooking, and that really is quite a long time. Switching to veganism, I had to adjust the recipe for use with products like tofu and tempeh. They don't have the fat I'm used to, so I use a little more oil to sweat the vegetables, and lime juice to deglaze the pan. This recipe is the result of the happy mix between chilis, tempeh, and black beans.

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Variations on Rice Recipes: Herbed Rice

Rice comes in all forms and varieties. The kind of rice you use depends on the application. For sushi, you would use sushi grade rice. For this recipe, you can use almost any kind of rice, even the difficult short grain brown rice. This is an herby springtime rice, but you can make it any time of the year.

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Fava Bean Cassoulet

fava bean cassouletRecently I fell in love with the Fava Bean. Fava beans are very high in protein and are the national dish of Egypt.

Cassoulets are beans that are slow cooked with meats and vegetables to produce a rich broth and tasty beans. Here I’ve reproduced that process, and added a few flavorful items to brighten up the dish, and removed the meat from the recipe. read more

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