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Energy For The Day: Date & Nut Energy Balls

I’ve been eating “energy” bars since the day I started bicycling long distance, i.e., a LONG time ago. I remember when Power Bar was still a small mom and pop company operating used equipment to crank out their protein packed goodies for athletes like me. Then they sold out and I found out I was allergic to peanuts. Over the years, I have found very few that are affordable and that I can eat.

So I set out to create a version of date balls that would be full of all the goodness I craved: the protein my body needs, the energy to get through the day, and a nutty and sweet flavor that I would enjoy.

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Ancient and Modern: Dates

date palmWhat’s not to like about the sweet, soft, scrunchy taste of a date? If for some reason you don’t like them in their pure state, they can be pureed, chopped, wrapped, stuffed, and otherwise transformed into enjoyable foodie fare. Plus they pack a nutritional punch, much better than eating sugar.

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Books by Chef Johnna

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