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Time for a Road Trip

Its that time of year again when the Spouse and I take the trek from the desert of Arizona to the flat lands of Kansas. I still remember my first impressions of Kansas a dozen years ago. It's flat. It has big sky. And corn, lots of dried out corn in the fields, waiting. I did not know why the corn was drying out in the fields at the time.

And it was green. Not like the pine green I'm used to when I go up into the mountains, I mean GREEN, and scary kind of green. Driving to Lawrence from Topeka there are trees that meet each other as they stretch their long branches out over the pavement, arching across the road, creating a canopy. For some reason, this really, really scares this desert dweller. I'm used to brown colors in my landscape, sandstone and red rock. Not this verdant green.

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Vegan Eats in Houston-Topeka-Santa Fe

This is the second installment of the great Summer Trek (Part 1 is here). I realize it’s almost the end of November but summer vacation was really worth the trip, and there were surprises with the dining out experience.

I’ve never been to Houston, home of NASA, the Gulf Coast, and lots of Big Texas friendliness. I wasn’t, however, sure about the dining situation. Our friend lives in a suburb, pretty far away from the cultural centers where we would be able to get a quick vegan eats fix. Once we arrived, we cast about for options. read more

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All Good Road Trips Must End

I’ve returned from a two week road trip. Denver to Topeka, to Santa Fe, with a side trip to Albuqurque. The entire time, my main job was to keep the partner fed with yummy vegan food.

You would think that a challenge. But these days it’s getting a bit easier. Grand Junction, Colorado yielded Pablos Pizza. Pablos offered two sizes of a gluten-free crust with an alternative cheese. Denver gave us several selections, and I was especially excited for the Vegan Van. Amie Arias works very hard to bring her diners a top quality food experience, served up with compassion and laughter. I was able to catch a short interview on the fly. read more

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