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Pomegranates: Food of the Gods and Mere Mortals

PomegranatesNovember is National Pomegranate month, so before the month ends, I wanted to write a little about the history and uses of this many-seeded, delectable fruit.

Growing up in Arizona, pomegranates were one of the joys of winter season. They were prolific here in the Southwest. My dad was a gardener and worked where there were many pomegranates. He would bring them home during season for us to eat. I loved cracking them open and just picking out the seeds one by one. Some people like to pop them out into a bowl. Not me. The challenge was how to get the seed out of the pocket with the juice intact. read more

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Cabbage, The New Super Food

It has a crunch, it plays well with many other vegetables, we eat it by the pound, for Fourth of July Picnics, and BBQ parties, but what is the story behind this humble vegetable that is usually associated with corned beef? 

Cabbage has long been cultivated by humans. We’ve spent several thousand years selectively gardening cabbages so that there are a handful of well-known varieties. Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower have been selectively bred for the tight florets they produce. Green and red cabbage provide larger heads with tight leaves. And then there’s the loose leaf cabbage known as kale. read more

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