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Cooking Vegan for Lent: Eggplant Stew

While cooking professionally I worked in plenty of kitchens where meatless Fridays were observed. Friday Fish Frys and tuna salad were items that were prepared in huge quantities. Not being Catholic, I never quite understood the ritual of not eating meat on Fridays, but as a cook, I made the food that I was directed to prepare.

At the Deli, vast quantities of Tuna Salad were consumed. We were located in a catholic neighborhood and owned by Catholics. When working at the Brewery we could count on the owner, glass of beer in hand, laying down battered fish in the fryer. He was also a staunch Catholic.

While I've remained confused and uneducated about the abstinence and fasting rules, I am now cooking for people who observe the Season of Lent. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce them to 100% vegan food, and learn more about this religious observance.

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Vegan Mofo Has Arrived

October 1st begins Vegan Mofo, the vegan food blogging event of the year. This fantastic awareness raising event was started by the Post Punk Kitchen as an homage to NaNoWriMo. PPK was created by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, in 2005, and quickly escalated into a place where vegans could write and talk about vegan cuisine in a safe and happy place. Isa has also written several awesome cookbooks. You should check them out.

What Vegan Food of the Month does is bring vegan cuisine into focus, not just in the food blogging world, but in the blogging world itself. read more

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