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One Onion One Pan

There’s something comforting about the sizzle of the pan when ingredients splash into the hot oil.

Here, onions will be transformed into sweet caramelized goodness. But first, raw, they hit the sauté pan with that satisfying sound. sizzling and popping as they are stirred. Each slice of onion coated with a little oil to help in the process of cooking.

One note about the video. I mention that salt kills the caramelization process. This is not true. Add a pinch of salt at the beginning and it will help the onions brown faster. read more

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Roku and Youtube

I’ve been spending time in YouTube land these days. Roku allows me to search, add, and watch all things YouTube. It’s so much better than traditional television.

The other night as we were looking for something to watch, a suggestion came up: “You suck at Cooking.” I’m a sucker for cooking channels and, if it’s not blatantly chopping up animal product, I’ll watch.

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Books by Chef Johnna

  • Delectable Vegan Soups -------------------------------------------------------
  • Things Vegans Fry: Crunchy Comfort Food for Vegans

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