I’ve been spending time in YouTube land these days. Roku allows me to search, add, and watch all things YouTube. It’s so much better than traditional television.
The other night as we were looking for something to watch, a suggestion came up: “You suck at Cooking.” I’m a sucker for cooking channels and, if it’s not blatantly chopping up animal product, I’ll watch. The first video we encountered had me in stitches. “7 Ways to Chop an Onion.” Between editing techniques and a crazy voice over, this video is worth a watch.
Following were a few other plant-based videos that shows you how they make black bean dip, baked yams (sweet potatoes), and even a blueberry smoothie. These are entertaining and fun videos, without much useful information about cooking. Maybe that’s where the title came from. I’m ok with that; I can’t always be serious about my food.
Give this channel a little bit of love for creativity and ingenuity. You won’t be sorry. And while it is not a vegan channel (some meat products do show up as well as plenty of cheese and eggs), it is heavy on the plant-based side of food.